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M J Gold Traders LLC.offers a lot all types of jewelry repair in Houston TX. From platinum and silver jewelry repair to 10k, 14k, 18k, some 22k gold jewelry repair and even P4 that is new metal in Jewelry Industry. There isn’t a type of jewelry that we are unable to repair. We offer full line of jewelry repair which include: regular soldering and laser soldering of chains, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. to be sure that we are able to make all of the necessary repairs that may come up.




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Jewelry Repair


Often times we wait until something breaks, then we pay attention to it. With your fine jewelry that break could mean the loss of something both financially & emotionally valuable. We put a lot of wear & tear on our jewelry. Over time prongs shift and begin to wear down, settings become loose, chains break and finger sizes change. All these things need attention.

Watch Repair


Your watch has hundreds of tiny parts that require care and fine tuning to work properly.Our watch service department offers a variety of services.

Jewelry Casting


MJ Gold Traders has exclusive partnerships with many Jewelers in the Houston area.  They have been operating in the industry for more than 20 years. Already casting for many of the most high-end, luxury brands in the industry, MJ Gold

Stone Setting


Our designs can be built around your existing stones or we can put our own collection of stunning stones at yourdisposal. Our experienced jewelers will walk you through our wide array of gems to find the perfect jewel for your piece.

We are masters at:

Custom Jewelry Design
Jewelry Casting
Stone Setting
Jewelry Repair
Watch Repair
Juan Alvarado

Master Setter & Laser Tech

Juan comes to MJ Gold Trading from Santa Rosa de Lima, El Salvador. His love for the jewelry trade began when he was 13 years old. One of his greatest challenges was acquiring the tools required to perform the work. He even remembers creating a saw out of razorblades. Today he wields a laser cutter with great skill. He left his hometown due to the civil war in El Salvador. Juan emigrated to Guatemala where he perfected the art of jewelry making over 20 years. When he moved to Houston, Juan first worked at Eklektic Jewelry Studio where he mastered laser technology. He brings all of his years of experience, skill and knowledge to MJ Gold Traders.

Saumil Manek


Guided by a dream to design and sell custom made diamond jewelry to the public. Saumil went to India in 2000 and became a diamond assorter for 8 months.  Then he studied jewelry design for 9 months.  After leaving India, he opened his own wholesale diamond company.  Total sales in 10 years were in excess of over $8 million. Now he brings his skill and knowledge to MJ Gold Traders to help us reach the next level.


Jo Le

CAD Jewelry Designer

Jo was born in Des Moines, IA and attended a Christian boarding school in Covington, LA.  Starting as a sales associate 5 years ago, he became an apprentice jeweler. When the opportunity came to learn CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) and design he jumped at the chance and has been loving it ever since.


Martha Giles

Office Manager

Martha is from Guerrero, Mexico, and is a proud chemical engineering student at the University of Houston. She began her career in sales with Mann's Wholesale Jewelry in Houston, TX,  eight wonderful years ago. Four years later she brought her talents to  MJ Gold Traders. Here she  developed and mastered the skill of jewelry design as well. Her knowledge and care allow her to assist even the most demanding clients.


David Martinez

Master Stone Setter

When David was a little boy in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, his dad would come home from a long day of jewelry making, and continue working. He found it fascinating to see his father work with precious stones. That is when he knew what he was going to be when he grew up! At age 13, his dad asked him to help polish a clients' ring. This was the highlight of his life, and the beginning of his career.
Seven years later his family moved to San Diego, CA where he continued to his career at Stefan Fine Jewelry. Twenty five years later he found himself in Houston, TX working for MJ Gold Traders. He loves his work just like it was his the first day. Except he is even more excited working with MJ's famous clients.

Carlos Villalobos
Carlos Villalobos

Master Wax Model Maker

Carlos Eduardo Villalobos, has been wax carving for 26 years. Even in the high tech computerized era, Yes he is still doing waxes carvings by hand witch at the end is no difference from what the machine (CAD) can do, except every piece is really unique and is done not only with his hands but also with his heart and mind..... The next time you need a piece of passion for your love one let Carlos and Mj Gold Trader create that emotion for you.

Javier Blen

Master Watch Technician

Javier's career starts at a very young age. Coming from a 3rd generation watch technician, His father showed him the trade at 10 years old. Seeking for better opportunities his father immigrated to the United States,Leaving Javier in charge of the family business. Dew to the war in Nicaragua his father was obligated to bring him to the United States, Here he struggle to fine a job dew to his young age. Quimex gave him the opportunity he was looking for. There he juggled between school and his par time job till he was 18 years old. At 18 years old Michael Klein seeks his talent, There he worked for 14 years mastering his trade. 29 years later he offers his expertise to MJ gold Traders and his clients.

Alfonso Marquez


Alfonso started in the jewelry industry in Michoacán, Mexico in the most humorous way. He began wanting to design jewelry for himself, but it never happened! He ended up designing jewelry for everyone else except himself. After moving to Guadalajara, Mexico, he apprenticed with many jewelry makers. After mastering his skills he decided to move to Los Angeles, CA to work for Harling Products where he honed and mastered the art of setting stones. A family member invited him to move to Houston, TX. Here he fell in love with the Texan way. He started working for Diamonds Unlimited with the dream go into business for himself. In January of 1991 his dream was realized when opened MJ Gold Traders.